Inspiration: What if money was no object?

This video makes me think back to high school. That uncertain time when someone asks you what you’re going to do with the rest of your life and unless you’re going to be a Doctor, the answer…”I want to make ski/snowboard films!” always seems a bit childish.
At the time (1999), there was no smartphones, no youtube, web video, Netflix, etc. Action Sports production consisted of creating VHS films once a year. In this early era of Action Sports post-production, if you shot the film, chances are you were the person editing as well. Which means having the specialized profession of an Action Sports Editor didn’t quite exist yet.
Luckily, the demand for post-production in the Action Sports genre has increased since the advent of social/web media, creating a nice niche for people like myself! So, go ahead and do something you love, get really good at it. It’s possible that the thing you want to do most with your life, might not have an official job title yet.