Past Work

Tate MacDowell- Editor Reel

Projects in order of appearance:
-Quiksilver Moments 2011 Boardshort Campaign (Post-Production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Carve Spring 2012 apparel (Shot & Edited by Tate MacDowell)
-Red Bull’s “Young Jaws” Emmy Nominated Outstanding Edited Sports Special
-Quiksilver’s “CypherVision” Short film (2010)
-US Marines “Semper Ride” (2009)
-Patagonia Chile R&D (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Signal Snowboards “Every Third Thursday” season two (2011-2012) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver “MOMENTS” short film (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver Cypher Boardshort Campaign (2010)
-Billabong XXL award show (2011) (Death Cookie provides post-production for live show video content)
-Erik Roner’s “Roner Vision” (2011) (Produced by Erik Roner & Tate MacDowell, post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Teton Gravity Research “Out There” (2008)
-Teton Gravity Research “Under The Influence” (2008)
-Red Bull Media House “The Art of Flight” (2011) (Additional Editing by Tate MacDowell)

Past work: “Anomaly” from Teton Gravity Research

Looking back on some of the past projects that I’ve worked on. One in particular always stands out. The winter of 2006 provided TGR with a surplus of ridiculous footage. Chris Collins pulled the first triple backflip off a cliff, Erik Roner’s first ever ski BASE off of Cody Peak in Jackson Hole, and Jamie Pierre launched a world record cliff huck.
After the season ended, the creative process for the film was going crazy, literally. We kick started the summer with one ridiculous teaser called “The teaser for the teaser.” Which was intended to poke fun at the stereotypical/cliché teasers that everyone in the ski world had come to expect. I basically started the edit by turning on the microphone and going on a long rant about everything that we had shots of and how we’d typically edit it into a teaser. Complete with annoying sound effects, music transitions, and flashy edits. Then I went back and made all of those edits magically come true right before your eyes!
Anomaly “The Teaser for the Teaser”

Teaser 2 (AKA “The Game Over Teaser” or “Super Mario Teaser”) was just a quirky fun way to show the playfulness of the upcoming film. I had done this once before when I was a kid. Except, back then I pushed the edit button on the Hi8 camcorder and played Gameboy really close to the microphone. For this version, I used the Super Mario Soundboard.

Teaser 3 “Typical Teaser” was almost a way of finishing the previous joke that was being made with the “Teaser for the Teaser.” As you can see, most of the examples from the first teaser, play out in the “Typical Teaser.”