The Endless Summer: Revisited

Did you ever wonder what happened to the places that Mike Hynson and Robert August visited in the The Endless Summer? The section where Mike and Robert got to a remote coastal village in Ghana has become one of the movie’s most enduring scenes – Although it was filmed over 50 years ago it captures the pure essence of surfing adventure in a way that has rarely been repeated. Filmmaker Jamie Tierney always wondered what happened to that little village and what the scene was like there today. One day he packed up his camera and hopped on a plane to Ghana, intent on finding out: This is what he found.

What Music Means To Me: NAMM Museum Of Making Music Exhibit

This past November marked the opening of the “What Music Means To Me” exhibit at the NAMM Museum Of Making Music. I was asked to create a short documentary that would accompany the photography of Richard Rejino.

Pretty cool to be able to say my work is in a museum!
Here’s the video in full…

Here’s what you’ll see at the museum. Go check it out and share what #MusicMeans to you!

How To Build A Snowboard From Scratch For $100

Super excited about this months EXTRA Every Third Thursday episode. (surprise, it’s not a 3rd Thursday!)
This idea had been suggested a few times in the comments and discussed in several production meetings. It actually seemed like quite the challenge. Which is amazing when you think about the crazy boards they’ve created.

Planer core