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DIY: Royalty Free Music

Let’s face it, licensing music is a pain in the butt.
As a Producer, you’re typically prepared to put in the leg work of licensing and buying a few tracks to highlight your action montage. But, no one really wants to do that for background instrumentals. After all, you’re planning on putting voice overs and interview audio on top of that song anyway.
Well, I’ve recently come across a great solution.
I created this song in a few minutes, check out the youtube video…

Here’s link to a few other songs on my sound cloud account.

Sonos: Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob

Always fun and exciting to work on projects for Sonos. I like videos like this because it gives people a glimpse into what an average work day looks like for people like Boreta. Actually, it’s a lot my average day.
While I was editing this project, I ended up listening to an interview where he talks about how he makes music. Within a few days I had ordered a MIDI controller and started learning how to use Ableton Live.
Finding inspiration on the job, I love it!