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DIY: GoPro Party Light

It’s a pretty common scenario as a videographer to feel burdened by your oversized camera equipment. Usually resulting in putting your camera away. Putting your camera away typically gives you some really good stories and more excuses than shots of what happened when the camera wasn’t rolling.
I’d been getting in the habit of carrying around a GoPro as a backup camera for a while. They’re great for capturing traveling shots when your higher quality camera gear is safely stowed away. But I also noticed that people have become very comfortable around these tiny, unassuming cameras. Which makes it great for late night party footage!
Only problem is that they don’t have a light. Which makes late night party footage useless. So, I just went to ACE hardware and bought a $5 LED light and slapped a 3M sticky on there. I tested it a few times in total darkness and thought it was too much of a spot light. I crudely masking taped some printer paper over the top to defuse the light a little and it seemed to work fine.

gopro light

A few months later I was attending the World Premiere for The Art Of Flight and also had the side job of shooting footage of the weeks events. Being a part of the Brain Farm post-production crew on the film, I was given the night of the premiere off. I left my larger camera equipment at the hotel and opted for the “GoPro Party Cam” instead. The event film crew I’d been working with was told that Justin Timberlake would be there, but not to stick lights and cameras in his face. He was there to support his friends and didn’t want to be swarmed. I initially slid in just to get a quick shot of JT and Travis Rice. I never expected JT to borrow my camera.

Inspiration: What if money was no object?

This video makes me think back to high school. That uncertain time when someone asks you what you’re going to do with the rest of your life and unless you’re going to be a Doctor, the answer…”I want to make ski/snowboard films!” always seems a bit childish.
At the time (1999), there was no smartphones, no youtube, web video, Netflix, etc. Action Sports production consisted of creating VHS films once a year. In this early era of Action Sports post-production, if you shot the film, chances are you were the person editing as well. Which means having the specialized profession of an Action Sports Editor didn’t quite exist yet.
Luckily, the demand for post-production in the Action Sports genre has increased since the advent of social/web media, creating a nice niche for people like myself! So, go ahead and do something you love, get really good at it. It’s possible that the thing you want to do most with your life, might not have an official job title yet.

Next episode of Every Third Thursday starring YOU!

To end off every season of ETT we try to get a little creative with how people can participate in the episode. Last year (Best of ETT Season 2) we used annotations to allow the video itself to work as a DVD menu screen. If at any point in the episode they wanted to click over and see the episode that was being discussed, it was one quick click a way!
This year we decided to experiment with the seldom used, Youtube Response Video to allow anyone the ability to leave a video comment that then be used to edit together the “Best Of” episode. We’re basically putting the future of the next episode in the hands of the viewer. So if people want to talk about something that stoked them out or pissed them off, that’s great!
It should be really interesting to see who loads videos and what they decide to talk about!
Make sure to join in the fun! Here’s How to Make A Response Video.

Here’s an example that I made with my iPhone and the YouTube Capture App

The final edit using viewer uploaded videos.

Tate MacDowell- Editor Reel

Projects in order of appearance:
-Quiksilver Moments 2011 Boardshort Campaign (Post-Production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Carve Spring 2012 apparel (Shot & Edited by Tate MacDowell)
-Red Bull’s “Young Jaws” Emmy Nominated Outstanding Edited Sports Special
-Quiksilver’s “CypherVision” Short film (2010)
-US Marines “Semper Ride” (2009)
-Patagonia Chile R&D (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Signal Snowboards “Every Third Thursday” season two (2011-2012) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver “MOMENTS” short film (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver Cypher Boardshort Campaign (2010)
-Billabong XXL award show (2011) (Death Cookie provides post-production for live show video content)
-Erik Roner’s “Roner Vision” (2011) (Produced by Erik Roner & Tate MacDowell, post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Teton Gravity Research “Out There” (2008)
-Teton Gravity Research “Under The Influence” (2008)
-Red Bull Media House “The Art of Flight” (2011) (Additional Editing by Tate MacDowell)

Erik Roner @ The US Open of Surfing

Headed up to Huntington Beach last weekend to work with the crew that was providing the LIVE feed for the event. Sitting there watching surfing, waiting to head to the trailer to edit commercial bumps, I get a call from my good friend Erik Roner. He rolls up with a GoPro sticking out of his pocket saying that he can hangout but he has to shoot a blog for Hurley and asked if I’d want to help? This is the result…