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Billabong XXL 2013


This marks the third year DCE has handled the content for Billabong XXL’s awards show. In total there are fourteen edits that need to be turned around in a very short time period and with an extremely set deadline. 6 basic nominee packages, 5 short documentary style “Ride Of The Year” edits, a recap of those 5 edits, a show opener, and a 20 minute movie that shows all of the best sessions and rides from the year, aptly called “The Year in Review”
As an editor, my personal favorites are the “Ride of The Year” mini docs. Here are a few examples.

Billabong XXL 2012

For the second year in a row Death Cookie Ent. has been responsible for creating the pre-packaged content for the live awards show. This includes (but is not limited to) 6 Ride of the Year documentary style packages, 6 nominee packages with VO, an intro to the show and the 25min “Year in Review” which is a short film style video that features all of the best footage from the entire year. All created in about five weeks! Not bad for a one man post-production house.
Make sure to check out the contest all year long at the Billabong XXL youtube page!

Tate MacDowell- Editor Reel

Projects in order of appearance:
-Quiksilver Moments 2011 Boardshort Campaign (Post-Production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Carve Spring 2012 apparel (Shot & Edited by Tate MacDowell)
-Red Bull’s “Young Jaws” Emmy Nominated Outstanding Edited Sports Special
-Quiksilver’s “CypherVision” Short film (2010)
-US Marines “Semper Ride” (2009)
-Patagonia Chile R&D (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Signal Snowboards “Every Third Thursday” season two (2011-2012) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver “MOMENTS” short film (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver Cypher Boardshort Campaign (2010)
-Billabong XXL award show (2011) (Death Cookie provides post-production for live show video content)
-Erik Roner’s “Roner Vision” (2011) (Produced by Erik Roner & Tate MacDowell, post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Teton Gravity Research “Out There” (2008)
-Teton Gravity Research “Under The Influence” (2008)
-Red Bull Media House “The Art of Flight” (2011) (Additional Editing by Tate MacDowell)

Billabong XXL 2011

Just finished up all of the video elements for the Billabong XXL awards show. This included all of the nomination packages, a show intro, four in depth packages for the “Ride of the Year” nominations and a 30min year in review of all the sessions from the entire year.

The largest challenge was dealing with the large amounts of various compressions that came in from all over the globe. Also, making sure that all of these elements were made available for viewing by all of the clients working on the project proved to be daunting. For that, I tried a website called TakeOffVideo.com which allowed me to load clips to a youtube style website that was viewable by direct invite only and allowed multiple people to comment on various different videos. It definitely made the project run smoother. Especially because one of the clients was in Indonesia working on a project and couldn’t download large files due to limited internet capabilities. I highly suggest giving it a try to see if it helps streamline your approval process.

Billabong's Art of Shaping

It was quite the honor to get the chance to shoot with some of the best shapers in Orange County preparing their entry boards for the Billabong Art of Shaping: OC edition that will take place at ASR and Sacred Craft in San Diego on August 13th-14th 2010.

Mickey Munoz

Steve Boehne- Infinity Surfboards

Cole Simlar- Cole Surfboards

Billabong Art of Shaping at Sacred Craft

ASR Live: New age of guerrilla marketing

I was recently hired to shoot and edit a web series for Action Sports Retailers (the premier action sports industry trade show in San Diego,CA.)
The concept is pretty simple, set up an edit bay in the closest hotel room possible, shoot video all day and edit sometime between shooting and sleeping. I was able to shoot, edit and post over 31 clips in total over the span of about 4 days and have them posted to various sites (youtube, ASR, etc.) before people arrived at their desks on Monday.

Check out all of the clips by clicking the logo…
ASR08_logo_web white

Here’s one of my favorites…