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“Some New Shit Has Come To Light”

As a Storyteller, when new shit comes to light you have to stop the presses, re-work, re-edit, and make it right.
So, here’s the deal, a few days before the air date of the final episode of “Mini and Dane” on EpicTV, the series ender involved a quote where Dane basically says that he’s going to keep adding new videos to Marine Layer Productions.
Then I get an email from Producer Jamie Tierney at Victor Charlie Productions saying that Dane wants that quote deleted. In fact, he doesn’t really want to do Marine Layer anymore.
At this point, we’ve pulled so much content out of episode 3 on Dane’s request that if we keep pulling from it, there’ll be nothing left. So I said, “Great! If he wasn’t to kill Marine Layer, tell him to record it on his phone and send me something to replace it with.”
Within a few minutes I get an audio file from Dane and the rest is history…or is it? He kind of leaves it open.
Point being, as Storytellers, we’re sometimes fixated on having the story exist as WE see it. (I don’t want Marine Layer to dissolve!!) We want everything to go as planned. The truth is that the story exists without us. It’s simply our job to convey that reality to the viewer.
In this case, it caused this video to go from a series finale that fizzled out, to newsworthy. Everyone wants to know what’s happening with Marine Layer/Dane and because we were open to change, Dane gave us something that no one else was able to get.

Modular Snowboard on this months Every Third Thursday

This months episode was another quick turnaround! The following photo was posted to my instagram on 12/12/13 which is one week before the video goes live to Network A. However, the final edit is actually due on Monday. That’s a four day turnaround!

#EveryThirdThursday Hard drive handoff with Signal Snowboards Marc Wierenga.
ETT Hard drive handoff

Tate MacDowell- Editor Reel

Projects in order of appearance:
-Quiksilver Moments 2011 Boardshort Campaign (Post-Production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Carve Spring 2012 apparel (Shot & Edited by Tate MacDowell)
-Red Bull’s “Young Jaws” Emmy Nominated Outstanding Edited Sports Special
-Quiksilver’s “CypherVision” Short film (2010)
-US Marines “Semper Ride” (2009)
-Patagonia Chile R&D (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Signal Snowboards “Every Third Thursday” season two (2011-2012) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver “MOMENTS” short film (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver Cypher Boardshort Campaign (2010)
-Billabong XXL award show (2011) (Death Cookie provides post-production for live show video content)
-Erik Roner’s “Roner Vision” (2011) (Produced by Erik Roner & Tate MacDowell, post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Teton Gravity Research “Out There” (2008)
-Teton Gravity Research “Under The Influence” (2008)
-Red Bull Media House “The Art of Flight” (2011) (Additional Editing by Tate MacDowell)

ASR Live: New age of guerrilla marketing

I was recently hired to shoot and edit a web series for Action Sports Retailers (the premier action sports industry trade show in San Diego,CA.)
The concept is pretty simple, set up an edit bay in the closest hotel room possible, shoot video all day and edit sometime between shooting and sleeping. I was able to shoot, edit and post over 31 clips in total over the span of about 4 days and have them posted to various sites (youtube, ASR, etc.) before people arrived at their desks on Monday.

Check out all of the clips by clicking the logo…
ASR08_logo_web white

Here’s one of my favorites…

Week Sauce- JJ Thomas & Todd Richards

The third episode in a Death Cookie Ent. series that has no goals or plot except to video fun stuff all day and edit out the crap (or at least some of the crap).
This week in the sauce, it’s just another June gloom day of surfing in Encinitas, California with professional snowboarders JJ Thomas and Todd Richards.

Week Sauce- JJ Thomas & Todd Richards from Tate MacDowell on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes of "Week Sauce" episode three

With a catchy title like “Week Sauce” it would be pretty cool to make one once a “WEEK.” But, whatever… I promised myself that I wouldn’t be one of those bloggers that constantly apologizes every time that they come back from vacation with posts like, “Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been doing a technology cleanse while meditating with monks in Whogivesacrapistan!”
So, get ready for episode three all you “Week sauce” fans out there (yup, I pluralize fan.) Nine weeks since the last installment and this sequel is probably going to put “Transformers 2″, “Twilight 2″ and “Year One” to shame! (I assume that “Year One” is the sequel to “The Passion of the Christ?”)
Episode three starring Todd Richards and JJ Thomas, should be sick!

Richards paddles out to his own reef. (undisclosed location)

Richards over falls
Todd had better shots, but wanted me to save them for the more “endemic print magazines”

JJ spray
JJ Thomas was knee boarding all day, but decided to give standing uppppppp a try.

JJ left spray
Thomas dropppppppppped in left (crapppppppp, time to clean the keyboard)

JJ head crusher
I’ve never seen someone so happy while mere seconds from getting his skull crushed. JJ Thomas is fearless.

Mr. & Mrs. Cactus might get a cameo in there too.