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Inspiration: Video Sampling

As an action sports editor, I’ve been asked for years “could you edit a snowboard film in front of a live audience?” And For a long time the answer was, “not unless everyone wants to sit in the theater for a month.”
Although video editing has a lot in common with creating music (i.e. a pale introvert sits in a dark room, cueing clips in a certain order using a non-linear editing program.) It’s actually quite different. I could go into various ways that it’s different, but simply put… time. Video editing takes much more time. Music can be instantaneous, spontaneous, direct….in essence…live. That’s why you can name multiple DJ’s and you probably don’t know of one editor.
I recently came upon this Youtube video by Memorecks showing an example of how he was able to link video to his audio samples using Ableton Live. Although there are a few issues to work out (mainly render speeds), It seems like this would make it possible to create a montage style edit in front of an audience.
Currently, the concept has me up at night and I’m excited to dive into it further! Stay tuned

Signal Snowboards: Every Third Thursday “Best of Season One”

I’ve been watching this web series throughout the year and was really excited to get the opportunity to edit their season finale. This series is probably one of the best examples of DIY web marketing I’ve ever seen a company come up with. Season two sounds like it’s going to be even better, so stay tuned!