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Billabong XXL 2013


This marks the third year DCE has handled the content for Billabong XXL’s awards show. In total there are fourteen edits that need to be turned around in a very short time period and with an extremely set deadline. 6 basic nominee packages, 5 short documentary style “Ride Of The Year” edits, a recap of those 5 edits, a show opener, and a 20 minute movie that shows all of the best sessions and rides from the year, aptly called “The Year in Review”
As an editor, my personal favorites are the “Ride of The Year” mini docs. Here are a few examples.

Billabong XXL “Ride Of the Year” Nominees

As part of the Billabong XXL, Death Cookie is responsible for five short documentary style edits that give an athlete’s perspective on the most intense rides of the year. The following clips include Greg Long, Nathan Fletcher, Garret McNamara, Ryan Hipwood and Jeff Rowley. Check out more big wave surfing on Network A!