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The Endless Summer: Revisited

Did you ever wonder what happened to the places that Mike Hynson and Robert August visited in the The Endless Summer? The section where Mike and Robert got to a remote coastal village in Ghana has become one of the movie’s most enduring scenes – Although it was filmed over 50 years ago it captures the pure essence of surfing adventure in a way that has rarely been repeated. Filmmaker Jamie Tierney always wondered what happened to that little village and what the scene was like there today. One day he packed up his camera and hopped on a plane to Ghana, intent on finding out: This is what he found.

“Some New Shit Has Come To Light”

As a Storyteller, when new shit comes to light you have to stop the presses, re-work, re-edit, and make it right.
So, here’s the deal, a few days before the air date of the final episode of “Mini and Dane” on EpicTV, the series ender involved a quote where Dane basically says that he’s going to keep adding new videos to Marine Layer Productions.
Then I get an email from Producer Jamie Tierney at Victor Charlie Productions saying that Dane wants that quote deleted. In fact, he doesn’t really want to do Marine Layer anymore.
At this point, we’ve pulled so much content out of episode 3 on Dane’s request that if we keep pulling from it, there’ll be nothing left. So I said, “Great! If he wasn’t to kill Marine Layer, tell him to record it on his phone and send me something to replace it with.”
Within a few minutes I get an audio file from Dane and the rest is history…or is it? He kind of leaves it open.
Point being, as Storytellers, we’re sometimes fixated on having the story exist as WE see it. (I don’t want Marine Layer to dissolve!!) We want everything to go as planned. The truth is that the story exists without us. It’s simply our job to convey that reality to the viewer.
In this case, it caused this video to go from a series finale that fizzled out, to newsworthy. Everyone wants to know what’s happening with Marine Layer/Dane and because we were open to change, Dane gave us something that no one else was able to get.

Mini And Dane-The Birth Of Marine Layer Productions

I recently finished Post-Production on a series for Epic TV featuring the beginnings of Marine Layer Productions. It’s a pretty amazing story that actually changed the way we view media.
Thinking back to 2010, I was cutting TV shows and feature length action sports films such as (The Art Of Flight) Back then, Action Sports films involved two years of shooting, three months of editing, World Premiere, tour stops, etc.
Seemingly overnight, the internet gives athletes the ability to completely control the way they communicate with the public and now we’re mainlining clips on a daily basis and I’m partially responsible for that. In 2011, shortly after witnessing what Dane was doing with Marine Layer, I’d begun a series with Erik Roner called “Roner Vision”. The concept was simple, sponsors pay athletes to do stuff, athlete brings you along to shoot action and edit it, you find an outlet that’s willing to pay for exclusivity to your videos (i.e. Network A or Epic TV) and that becomes the funding for an athlete to have their own personal production person.
With all of the amazing talent out there and the easy access to shoot, edit and create our visions. It’s an exciting time to be in Video Production!