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Tate MacDowell- Editor Reel

Projects in order of appearance:
-Quiksilver Moments 2011 Boardshort Campaign (Post-Production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Carve Spring 2012 apparel (Shot & Edited by Tate MacDowell)
-Red Bull’s “Young Jaws” Emmy Nominated Outstanding Edited Sports Special
-Quiksilver’s “CypherVision” Short film (2010)
-US Marines “Semper Ride” (2009)
-Patagonia Chile R&D (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Signal Snowboards “Every Third Thursday” season two (2011-2012) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver “MOMENTS” short film (2011) (Post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Quiksilver Cypher Boardshort Campaign (2010)
-Billabong XXL award show (2011) (Death Cookie provides post-production for live show video content)
-Erik Roner’s “Roner Vision” (2011) (Produced by Erik Roner & Tate MacDowell, post-production by Death Cookie Entertainment)
-Teton Gravity Research “Out There” (2008)
-Teton Gravity Research “Under The Influence” (2008)
-Red Bull Media House “The Art of Flight” (2011) (Additional Editing by Tate MacDowell)

Quiksilver Young Guns

I’ve been watching the Young Guns movies for quite sometime now. So, I was pretty excited to get the chance to edit one of their videos. Editing a bunch of groms shredding is one of my favorite things. Really reminds me of the way action sports movies used to be. Back when you’d just have a slew of sick shots, random riders, riding mattered but the camera it was shot on didn’t, each rider gets a head shot and a name tag, and the song was good. This edit reminds me of the good ol’ days.
As always, super thankful to get to edit to some PANTyRAiD music. Thanks again Marty!

Moments- Quiksilver Team Video

This years Quiksilver team video was edited, color corrected, and sound designed & mixed at Death Cooke Ent. by Tate MacDowell
(With the exception of the Dane Reynolds segment which was under his complete control)

Moments is the 2011 Quiksilver Surf Team Movie starring Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, Jeremy Flores, Clay Marzo and Kelly Slater and featuring Mark Healey, Mikey Wright, Reef McIntosh, Ry Craike, Fred Patacchia, Dede Suryana, Leonardo Fioravanti, Jack Robinson, Kanoa Igarashi, Miky Picon, Aritz Aranburu, Matt Banting, Alain Riou.

Quiksilver’s Cypher Vision- A Short Film

Here’s one of the most recent project that I edited while at Brain Farm Digital Cinema.