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Paper Snowboard w/ Signal Snowboards

In this month’s Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal crew set out to make a snowboard out of a product that is basically built to fail—paper. Paper has very little structural integrity, which only worsens when it’s damp. So it makes perfect sense to try to make this material into a weight bearing, torsion tortured, snow-sliding device with the help of the crew at Ernest Packaging. Dave meets up with Signal teamrider Melissa Riitano and Morrison Hsieh at Copper Mountain in Colorado to see if this board can take the punishment—how many runs do you think they’ll get out it—one run, two? On the upside this “paper shredder” is totally recyclable!

Modular Snowboard on this months Every Third Thursday

This months episode was another quick turnaround! The following photo was posted to my instagram on 12/12/13 which is one week before the video goes live to Network A. However, the final edit is actually due on Monday. That’s a four day turnaround!

#EveryThirdThursday Hard drive handoff with Signal Snowboards Marc Wierenga.
ETT Hard drive handoff

Surf House: Episode 1

I’m really excited to be able to say that the first episode of Surf House is live on Network A!
Surf House is an 8 episode series that follows four up and coming professional surfers as they live, work and party on the North Shore of Hawaii. Make sure to check it out every Monday!

Produced by Jamie Tierney and Tate MacDowell (DCE)
Directed by Jamie Tierney
Edited by Tate MacDowell

Roner Vision: Snowbird

Professional skier, base jumper, and couch surfer Erik Roner takes us along on a trip to Snowbird, Utah—the mountain Erik got his start at as a pro skier. We learn the dos & don’ts of couch surfing, 2-year old Oskar Roner stomps his first ski base jump, and Erik gets down to work at Backcountry.com.

Shot & Edited by Death Cookie Ent.


ETT: Penny Snowboard

This months Every Third Thursday was a pretty fun edit! Normally we’ll do a sit down interview after the riding segments been finished and figure out exactly what was accomplished and weave a nice storyline. This episode we threw all of that organized, “TV” wannabe stuff out the window and just had some fun.

This board was a total failure and that was definitely a concern going into post-production. No one wants to show their failures. but keep in mind that conflict resolution is something that keeps your viewer attached and it makes for great story. So don’t shy away from focusing on the failures, just make them spectacular.