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Roner Vision: Summer in Chile

Where else can you see powder skiing in South America, illegal BASE jumping, a baby who car surfs and a really inappropriate yeti? You can’t. IT’S ONLY HERE, on Roner Vision.

Jet off to Portillo and La Parva, Chile to check out some of the legendary terrain and culture as Erik Roner gets to know some of the locals and takes flight from a random bridge. Meanwhile little stud Oskar Roner gets in on the action with some fresh and groundbreaking stunt work of his own.

And the yeti? You’ll just have to watch…

Roner Vision update

Holy WOW, Roner Vision is almost one year old! After about 7 months of doing it for fun and paid for out of Roner’s pocket, we eventually signed on with Network A! They’ve been awesome and have fully supported all of the silliness that Roner and I come up with. We’ve got a lot more videos than I’m posting in this update, but I think this video is one of the best yet! Check out the whole playlist for all of the episodes!