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Nature Made Snowboard Press: Every Third Thursday

Published on Oct 16, 2014
ETT Season 5, episode1: Dig it—A new snowboard press inspired by an old Hawaiian cooking technique! In this episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and crew drive up to Mt. Hood Oregon posting up at a backwoods snowboarder’s camp with the goal of building a snowboard using foraged materials and a hand dug dirt press. This snowboard is the definition of local with the crew gathering materials from the surrounding forest to build the core of the snowboard. The real challenge comes when it’s time to press all these materials together to seal the layers. Will they be able to cure the board using hot coals and a shallow dirt mold? We’ll find out as the board is put to the test high above on the glaciated snowfield at Mt. Hood’s Timberline Resort. See how this woodsy earth-cured nature board performs!

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