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Mini And Dane-The Birth Of Marine Layer Productions

I recently finished Post-Production on a series for Epic TV featuring the beginnings of Marine Layer Productions. It’s a pretty amazing story that actually changed the way we view media.
Thinking back to 2010, I was cutting TV shows and feature length action sports films such as (The Art Of Flight) Back then, Action Sports films involved two years of shooting, three months of editing, World Premiere, tour stops, etc.
Seemingly overnight, the internet gives athletes the ability to completely control the way they communicate with the public and now we’re mainlining clips on a daily basis and I’m partially responsible for that. In 2011, shortly after witnessing what Dane was doing with Marine Layer, I’d begun a series with Erik Roner called “Roner Vision”. The concept was simple, sponsors pay athletes to do stuff, athlete brings you along to shoot action and edit it, you find an outlet that’s willing to pay for exclusivity to your videos (i.e. Network A or Epic TV) and that becomes the funding for an athlete to have their own personal production person.
With all of the amazing talent out there and the easy access to shoot, edit and create our visions. It’s an exciting time to be in Video Production!

Next episode of Every Third Thursday starring YOU!

To end off every season of ETT we try to get a little creative with how people can participate in the episode. Last year (Best of ETT Season 2) we used annotations to allow the video itself to work as a DVD menu screen. If at any point in the episode they wanted to click over and see the episode that was being discussed, it was one quick click a way!
This year we decided to experiment with the seldom used, Youtube Response Video to allow anyone the ability to leave a video comment that then be used to edit together the “Best Of” episode. We’re basically putting the future of the next episode in the hands of the viewer. So if people want to talk about something that stoked them out or pissed them off, that’s great!
It should be really interesting to see who loads videos and what they decide to talk about!
Make sure to join in the fun! Here’s How to Make A Response Video.

Here’s an example that I made with my iPhone and the YouTube Capture App

The final edit using viewer uploaded videos.

Surf House: Episode 1

I’m really excited to be able to say that the first episode of Surf House is live on Network A!
Surf House is an 8 episode series that follows four up and coming professional surfers as they live, work and party on the North Shore of Hawaii. Make sure to check it out every Monday!

Produced by Jamie Tierney and Tate MacDowell (DCE)
Directed by Jamie Tierney
Edited by Tate MacDowell

Surf Expo 2013

This year Surf Expo brought DCE onboard to shoot and edit the videos for the show. Always a crazy time shooting trade shows, running around a huge conference center attempting to capture all of the events, fashion shows, booths, parties, models, exhibits, contests, etc. Then fly back across the country and edit a piece within 36 hours to ensure that you’re taking advantage of the newsworthiness of the show. Always a blast! Enjoy the video!