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Signal’s “Every Third Thursday” creates a Surf & Snowboard Hybrid.

This latest episode was one for the record books! The guys over at Signal did an amazing job bringing together some of the best names in all of action sports the Legend Rob Machado, Futures Fins, Surf Prescriptions, and Baldface Lodge. Check out this great review from Steve Casimiro on The Adventure Life as well.

I was even able to get out from behind the computer and shoot/interview Dave Lee!

ASR Live- RAEN Optics

ASR Access is coming up next week (feb. 3rd and 4th) and DCE will be there to capture all of the action, so make sure to check into the ASR Live youtube page or www.ASRbiz.com

I finished editing this little gem last night.

Greg Stump: Elusive & Exclusive

Legendary ski filmmaker, Greg Stump catches up on some important topics such as where he’s been for the last decade, his facebook profile, his home in Victor, Idaho (AKA,Clockworks studios) and his new film “The Legend of Aahhhs.

Greg Stump interview (Click here)

Check out the “Legend of Aahhhs” Trailer: Here

Week Sauce- JJ Thomas & Todd Richards

The third episode in a Death Cookie Ent. series that has no goals or plot except to video fun stuff all day and edit out the crap (or at least some of the crap).
This week in the sauce, it’s just another June gloom day of surfing in Encinitas, California with professional snowboarders JJ Thomas and Todd Richards.

Week Sauce- JJ Thomas & Todd Richards from Tate MacDowell on Vimeo.