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2015 WSL Big Wave Awards

Just wrapped the fifth year of editing all the video packages for the awards show!
Here are a few for you to check out.

The show opener this year was particularly fun to watch.

Shane Dorian won the Ride Of The Year.

Brad Domke

Might as well throw in some of that random photos from my cellphone while I’m at it…






Hodgdon Yatchs – Camanche Sneak Preview

As an Editor, you’re often given the opportunity to see things that aren’t available for the general public to see. “Sneak peaks” such as this rely heavily on building the anticipation within the viewer.

It’s a difficult concept to convey with editing, because if you were to strip this video down to just the raw footage, you’d have no idea what you were looking at. In fact, at this point in the build, it doesn’t look like anything‚Ķ it’s a paper weight. It’s my job to show you that it’s more like a rodeo bull before the gate opens.
Hodgdson EDIT v1.3.Still004

Hodgdson EDIT v1.3.Still005
Typically when I’m working on a edit, I’ll click around the clients website for a while and see what I can learn. As I was doing this on the Hodgdon Yachts website (which has some great eye candy, btw) I found an article from Yachting World that provided some pretty epic quotes claiming that this boat was “built solely to smash records.”
Hodgdson EDIT v1.3.Still002

I added those in to let the viewer understand exactly how big this bull is.
I’ve never really done a Hollywood style movie teaser for a boat (Can’t say anyone has!) I think it turned out great!

Billabong XXL 2013


This marks the third year DCE has handled the content for Billabong XXL’s awards show. In total there are fourteen edits that need to be turned around in a very short time period and with an extremely set deadline. 6 basic nominee packages, 5 short documentary style “Ride Of The Year” edits, a recap of those 5 edits, a show opener, and a 20 minute movie that shows all of the best sessions and rides from the year, aptly called “The Year in Review”
As an editor, my personal favorites are the “Ride of The Year” mini docs. Here are a few examples.

Billabong XXL “Ride Of the Year” Nominees

As part of the Billabong XXL, Death Cookie is responsible for five short documentary style edits that give an athlete’s perspective on the most intense rides of the year. The following clips include Greg Long, Nathan Fletcher, Garret McNamara, Ryan Hipwood and Jeff Rowley. Check out more big wave surfing on Network A!