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WSL Big Wave Awards on ABC

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a TV show and I’ve never done an hour long show. So, this was a little different than the typical web based programming that I’ve gotten used to.
Here’s the first segment of the show. Unfortunately ESPN posted this clip before I was given the chance to give it a final audio/color/sound design pass.
Check local listings and set your DVR to check it out!

2015 WSL Big Wave Awards

Just wrapped the fifth year of editing all the video packages for the awards show!
Here are a few for you to check out.

The show opener this year was particularly fun to watch.

Shane Dorian won the Ride Of The Year.

Brad Domke

Might as well throw in some of that random photos from my cellphone while I’m at it…






Billabong XXL 2011

Just finished up all of the video elements for the Billabong XXL awards show. This included all of the nomination packages, a show intro, four in depth packages for the “Ride of the Year” nominations and a 30min year in review of all the sessions from the entire year.

The largest challenge was dealing with the large amounts of various compressions that came in from all over the globe. Also, making sure that all of these elements were made available for viewing by all of the clients working on the project proved to be daunting. For that, I tried a website called TakeOffVideo.com which allowed me to load clips to a youtube style website that was viewable by direct invite only and allowed multiple people to comment on various different videos. It definitely made the project run smoother. Especially because one of the clients was in Indonesia working on a project and couldn’t download large files due to limited internet capabilities. I highly suggest giving it a try to see if it helps streamline your approval process.